[VIDEO] “THE CYPHER” (full length chicago hiphop footage)

A collection of footage from Chicago’s underground hiphop scene that I’ve recorded over my teen years, including cypher footage from sessions around the city of Chicago, B-Boying, Freestyle Cyphers, Skratching, Graffiti and antics from fellow chicago hip-hop heads and performers. A visual Journal for myself really. Warning: Wack video quality haha, this was the early years of hi-8 cameras and not knowing what the hell I was doing, but some great memories nonetheless!

[VIDEO] LATINATION Television Feature on “Back 2 Basics”

Summer 2008, I teamed up with a local Scion retailer and organized a free outdoor event for the the local community. A wild car show plus a crew B-Boy battle for the Chicago locals to get a taste of the midwest b-boy culture. BACK 2 BASICS was a go! American Latino TV’s own LATINATION caught wind of the activities and came to document the madness! Take a peek at Latination’s video feature that aired across airwaves on UPN. Lots of locals including TNA, Brickheadz, Phaze II, Ground Syndrome, and more were featured! Take a peek!…