Qwel & Maker – Long Walkers | Official Music Video

Long Walkers is the first official Qwel and Maker video, I thank them for inviting me on board with their strong team to help bring it to creation. Had a blast behind the scenes with this on top of it all. Qwel and Maker are preparing to drop their fourth full length studio album Beautiful Raw on May 7th 2013 (Galapagos4). The record boasts itself as a celebration… it’s champion is the flower in the slum, growing through the concrete to get to the light. It’s roots grounded in a past often forgotten. It’s bloom reaching toward a future unknown. It’s soul basking in a present sunlight unsung. Maker kills it, Qwel crushes it. Beautiful Raw…

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Video & Editing by: Juan Mojica | www.JAM1PHOTO.com