Typical Cats – The Crown | Official Music Video

Dear friends! I’m proud to present you my latest project I’ve been working on, featuring Chicago’s own Typical Cats. It is my latest video project with the guys featuring their newest single “THE CROWN” off of their newest album “3″, or as we’ve all been calling it, TC3. A drum heavy tune crafted with the B-Boys in mind, we gathered one sunday afternoon and just let it rip. A huge thanks to those who contributed both on screen and behind the scenes, we definitely had a good time!

Video & Editing by: Juan Mojica | www.JAM1PHOTO.com

Dancers (in order of appearance):
Evol (0:21-0:26) | Brickheadz
Moks (0:31-0:35) | Ground Syndrome Krew
Ike Fantastik (0:41-0:49) | Brickheadz
French (1:01-1:09) | Windy City Hustlaz
Kes (1:13-1:22) | Brickheadz
B-Girl Vital (1:23-1:26) | Sour Apples Crew
Rick Styles (1:27-1:32) | Sour Apples Crew / Windy City Hustlaz
Beast Boy (1:36-1:44) | Windy City Hustlaz
Riddle (2:00-2:08) | 20th Century B-Boys | Seoul, South Korea