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PHOTOGRAPHY | I’ve been experimenting with photography, video, and multimedia arts for the majority of my life ever since my freshman year in high school. Always surrounded by inspiring moments through the music and Hip-Hop culture around the Midwest. I had the urge to document everything I came across while it inspired me to share and take part of the arts themselves . Evolving from disposable cameras to the digital SLR age I began researching, practicing, and honing my craft to purify the visions I had in my head to share with the world. Whatever medium I work with, I just want to be able to keep these memories I’ve witnessed and created for the world and I to be able to look back on decades from now and be able to reminisce on the good times!

PERFORMING ARTIST | With a repertoire of sounds you’d expect to come from a boombox or a DJ’s scratching of the record, Jam One has blessed the stages of the Midwest and beyond with his art of vocal percussion for several years now. From the thunderous bass kicks to the intricate vocal scratching, you’re easy to mistake a performance from this south-side bred Chicagoan for a live DJ or drummer. Taking influences from his Turntablist background, you can find it easy to get lost in the constant barrage of beats, cuts, drops, and scratches; A welcoming factor when you’re day to day vision of a beatboxer is loosely based on cheesy skits from the mundane skits in Hollywood.


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