Here are selected video projects I have put together for clients and friends. I hope you enjoy! For inquiries contact me HERE

Downtown Dental Chicago Tour
22 July 2016
Tour of Downtown Dental Chicago. A group dental practice located in the Chicago loop. We offer same day appointments, emergency appointments, cosmetic dentistry, dental specialists, Invisalign, Endodontist, Periodontist, General Dentistry, dental implants, tooth colored fillings, gum disease treatment, and accept all dental PPO insurance plans. Our Chicago dentists are accepting new patients. Located at 25 E. Washington Street Suite 1921 Chicago IL 60602 312-782-8862
TYPICAL CATS - The Crown | Official Music Video
21 September 2012
Video for Typical Cats single "THE CROWN" off their third collective album, known as "3". Hard hitting drums provided a great mood for local B-Boys and B-Girls to get down for this new music video! Dancers (in order of appearance): Evol (0:21-0:26) | Brickheadz Moks (0:31-0:35) | Ground Syndrome Krew Ike Fantastik (0:41-0:49) | Brickheadz French (1:01-1:09) | Windy City Hustlaz Kes (1:13-1:22) | Brickheadz B-Girl Vital (1:23-1:26) | Sour Apples Crew Rick Styles (1:27-1:32) | Sour Apples Crew / Windy City Hustlaz Beast Boy (1:36-1:44) | Windy City Hustlaz Riddle (2:00-2:08) | 20th Century B-Boys | Seoul, South Korea TC3 album available now at: and itunes VIDEO BY: JAM ONE | | Special thanks and additional filming to: TWITTER: @TypicalCats @JAM1CHICAGO @QwelRhymes @Qwazaar @Galapagos4
Black Japan - Albatross (Directors Cut) | Official Music Video
12 July 2014
Official "ALBATROSS" single music video release by BLACK JAPAN - learn more about the band here: | Video by: JAM1PHOTO at /
Typical Cats - Bitter Cold | Official Music Video
19 June 2013
As summer approaches, Typical Cats return with another gem, a blistering slab of frosted lunacy entitled Bitter Cold. One of a constellation of Qwel solo shots from TC's latest (3, G4), Bitter Cold marries a sinister Natural beat that swings like a gypsy funeral with inspired verses from TC's resident embedded journalist. Qwel rasps like a man knocking at the lid of his coffin. He examines the rampant nihilism of post-Keef Chicago while sparring pugilistic drums and a swirling zydeco sample. "It's all love so they say / but it don't cost and it don't pay / somehow he lost his way up in this maze / and the world turned him cold..." With another long hot summer looming over the city, TC aims for the antidote. Off the album "3" by Typical Cats | Galapagos 4 Records | | || Video by JAM ONE - Buy CD: | Itunes: ---- ALSO FROM THE ALBUM ---- THE CROWN: THE MEDLEY:
TYPICAL CATS - The Medley | TC3 Video Teaser
01 September 2012
"THE MEDLEY" is Typical Cats first music video, dropped as a teaser for the TC3 album debuting September 25th, 2012 on the Galapagos 4 label. This video project was put together as a visual teaser for the upcoming featured single "THE CROWN", catch THAT video here: TC3 album available NOW at: and itunes VIDEO BY: JAM ONE | | TWITTER: @TypicalCats @JAM1CHICAGO @QwelRhymes @Qwazaar @Galapagos4
Qwel & Maker - Long Walkers | Official Music Video + Free Download!
18 April 2013
From the Album: Beautiful Raw Artist: Qwel & Maker Release Date: May 7th, 2013 Label: Galapagos4 Download for free via Soundcloud:
TYPICAL CATS - Reflections From The Porch | Official Music Video
28 August 2013
Get the track free!: | Off the album "3" by Typical Cats | | Video by | | | As Chicago winds up another long, hot summer, plagued by violence and riddled with tragedy, Typical Cats lob in another time bomb, a Qwazaar solo slab entitled "Reflections from the Porch." Anchored by a Natural beat awash in harmonies, bittersweet guitar, and, as always, dust-covered knocking drums, "Reflections" is a two and a half minute masterwork, a miniature history, and a meditative moment from one of the premier MCs of his generation. Described by Hip Hop Renaissance man Kevin Beacham as "one of the best natural Rappers of this era," Qwa is in excellent form here, leaning back into the stories, sipping from a jarful of memory. "I remember beating on the tables / no interest from the majors / high school talent shows / booed us off stages... / wardrobe busted up -- couldn't afford the labels / cheap-ass backpacks -- sneakers that'll match that." In 4 bars, Qwa time-travels us decades back, digging into pre-TC lore and further, inviting us to examine the soul topography of a quintessential survivor. Get the track for free here!: Buy CD: | Itunes: | ---- ALSO FROM THE ALBUM ---- THE CROWN | Official Music Video: THE MEDLEY | Official Music Video: BITTER COLD | Official Music Video:
Spotlight: DJ AV One | JAM1PHOTO.COM
27 December 2012
Barber Battle Royal 2014 Highlights |
20 December 2014 Video by: