Another amazing show hits the stage at Mojoes in Joliet, IL. Fresh off his album release “The Life and Times of Jonny Valiant”, RITTZ alongside with Snow Tha Product, and Jarren Benton hit the road for the Life and Times Tour. I must say I was pretty excited to catch this show. I’m new to Jarren Benton but I’ve been following Rittz and Snow Tha Product for a long time now, I’ve managed to catch Rittz a few times live but this was my first time seeing Snow rock out.

Local supporting acts were no joke. The homies Trilogy Mafia always bring down the house straight out of Aurora. Pure energy with these cats and with HaZe jumping in on the mix, it was another flawless victory for the TrilMob. Also opening was Psycho of Slumhouse Records, rapid fire flows for days, I wish I was able to catch every word but the photo pit wasn’t the best place to be acoustically but that energy and breath control was unmatched. HaZe & 2NSANE rocked the stage ever so nicely, my second time catching them in recent months, always a pleasure seeing them rock out live. Also caught AN-SCR for a second time, great showcase despite a few minutes of technical difficulties! My first time Catching Gambit and Rahley Park live, also very nice sets for the evening.

Fast forward, Jarren Benton hits the stage like an animal. That energy was unparalleled. I’m honestly new to his music but was loving what I heard. He soon pulled up fans from the crowd to serve as impromptu hype men during a few of his songs. A bit nervous these cats were but they soon got into it and were jumping around spitting like it was their job! Smiles all around, crowd jumping, and banging beats by Kato!

Soon after Snow Tha Product hits the stage accompanied by Nay Nay dancing her soul away. If the party wasn’t already jumping at this point I don’t know what hyped is because the crowd literally exploded when Snow decided to peek her face from behind the sidelines just before hitting the stage. Hitting tracks like PLAY set the bar high for the adrenaline junkies. Condolences to Money Bear for only lasting about 4 seconds in the crowd before a drunkie decided to go apeshit on him and tear him up. Snow appropriately jumped over me and into the crowd into action to defend his honor, and said drunkie was dragged away by security, ass crack hanging out and minus one shoe.

The man of the hour, Rittz hits the stage. How the hell does this guy do it? Breath control for days to get those stories flowing the way he does. Hitting favorites “Misery Loves Company”, “Like I Am”, “Amen”, “High Five”, and even his BET Cypher showcase lyrics, Rittz had the crowd in the palm of his hands. Truly a flawless performance from the Gwinnett County native.

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