[VIDEO] TYPICAL CATS – Reflections From The Porch

As Chicago winds up another long, hot summer, plagued by violence and riddled with tragedy, Typical Cats lob in another time bomb, a Qwa solo slab entitled "Reflections from the Porch." Anchored by a Natural beat awash in harmonies, bittersweet guitar, and, as always, dust-covered knocking drums, "Reflections" is a two and a half minute masterwork, a miniature history, and a meditative moment from one of the premier MCs of his generation. Described by Hip Hop Renaissance man Kevin Beacham as "one of the best natural Rappers of this era," Qwa is in excellent form here, leaning back into the stories, sipping from a jarful of memory. "I remember beating on the tables / no interest from the majors / high school talent shows / booed us off stages... / wardrobe busted up -- couldn't afford the labels / cheap-ass backpacks -- sneakers that'll match that." In 4 bars, Qwa time-travels us decades back, digging into pre-TC lore and further, inviting us to examine the soul topography of a quintessential survivor. Peep the Official Music Video inside!

Typical Cats – Bitter Cold [Official Music Video]

So Qwel and I ventured into this creepy broken down church in Indiana a while back and filmed a video for the Typical Cats "3" album's "BITTER COLD", one of my favorites on the album. I hope you'll take a peek and share! “It’s all love so they say / but it don’t cost and it don’t pay / somehow he lost his way up in this maze / and the world turned him cold…” With another long hot summer looming over the city, TC aims for the antidote.

[VIDEO] DJ Q-Bert & JAM ONE | Freestyle Beatbox + Skratch Session

Random session at Guitar Center in 2005. The first time the QFO hybrid mixer/turntable makde the rounds in the midwest for appearances. I was lucky enough to give it a try at that point, but the only person with an Ipod left right away so all us skratch nerds who were having fun on the QFO were left without a beat. Q-bert was up to showcase the QFO next, but there was no instrumental to rock over... My homie Uncle Butta yells "Get this guy a mic!", and the rest was history!

[VIDEO] LATINATION Television Feature on “Back 2 Basics”

Summer 2008, I teamed up with a local Scion retailer and organized a free outdoor event for the the local community. A wild car show plus a crew B-Boy battle for the Chicago locals to get a taste of the midwest b-boy culture. BACK 2 BASICS was a go! American Latino TV's own LATINATION caught wind of the activities and came to document the madness! Take a peek at Latination's video feature that aired across airwaves on UPN. Lots of locals including TNA, Brickheadz, Phaze II, Ground Syndrome, and more were featured! Take a peek!...