The WAR WITHIN TOUR | Show Recap by

A wild night, Super Bowl Sunday clashes with Wreknoize’s WAR WITHIN TOUR hitting Chicago in conjunction with Urban Guerilla Promotions. I arrived early in anticipation for this show. I am very familiar with Wrekonize’s work and past emcee history, as well as seeing other new artists I’ve ran into this last year including Bobe Blaze, Lebowski, Smokem Records, and Claas.

Opening up the first quarter of the show were Likewise, Higher Power, and Psycho So Matic w/ Freek Misfit, all coming clean with some great showcases that set the pace of the night off right! My first time hearing Likewise and Higher Power honestly, but they did not let me down, some great music there. The homies out of Smokem Records had a power packed showcase with some great production to back up the energetic ass performance, it was getting wild up on that stage! Up next was The Prophets 16 with an energetic ass performance, banging ass beats, and some wild in your face action. Rounding out the end of the first quarter was Grant Flows, real nice performance by this cat, enjoyed the flows, stories and energy.

Up next was The Noose, wild stage show full of energy, cats coming out the crowd to join on stage with the multitude of emcees that were just sending a barrage of energy and lyrics into the system. Saw some wild dance moves off to the side as well and the homie Matt just holding down the stage like he owned it haha, awesome stuff. Up next was a showcase by Windy City Music’s artists Sicc & Snypa Da Prophet joined by Stash Bear watching over the set – another great energetic showcase with some wild production and killer emcees. Rounding out this portion of the night was Lazie C out of Iowa with a clean set and some great energy, kept it going strong and had some great production.

Cue the martian space music, we had Mad Marlon landing down on planet earth to give us a taste of midwest mad martian music, wild ass showcase I must say! The night just turned up another degree with Bobe Blaze dropping hard ass mixture of music while Lady Lenux set the pace with a wild fire dance/grinding performance. Up next was Beast of Mission:16 along with P-Dawg with some straight in your face action, great showcase and had us hyped in the crowd. Finishing out the last half was Claas and Lebowski hitting the stage, each delivering some powerful performances and banging beats.

The man of the evening Wrekonize hits the stage backed by DJ Sharp Sound to the “Wrek!” chants filling the room. Firey flows coming out the sound system hitting his high energy hits like “Neon Skies”, “Adrenaline”, and “Freak”. I can’t even lipsync half of his flows without feeling lost, yet he’s able to send a barrage of lyrics at us with a clarity many could envy. Wrekonize brought an incredible showcase of lyricism, breath control, and humble friendships as he made sure to kick it with each and every artist and fan that night. Good luck to you with the rest of the tour along with the road crew, these midwest winter storms can’t keep the heat from hitting the stage!


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